Areas of Focus

Inclusion and Diversity

Schools need to…

  • Be a safe space for educators, students, staff, and parents to celebrate their diversity

  • Educate and practice inclusive understanding and relationship building

  • Eliminate bias, bullying, and harassment through a working model of training

  • Limit devices to social time 

Special Education

  • Special Education should be staffed in an adequate and transparent methodology that uses metrics that are easily verified by parents and staff

  • HCPSS should invest in training providers to best support students

  • Case load limits or monitored guidelines

  • Early intervention should be emphasized through various routes

School Start Times

A later start time of 8:30 am would...

  • Be biologically optimal for teens, according to AAP and AMA

  • Increase graduation rates and competitiveness of sports teams

  • Allow for a new model of the regular school day which may include more recess time.

Building and Maintenance

  • HCPSS should balance adding capacity as well as renovations and maintenance

  • Open/closed charts should not be static

  • Maintenance standards must be met to foster educational excellence

Boundaries and Transportation

  • Policies/process should promote best learning environments

  • Process changes including data freezes and optimization models should be utilized for both the public and BoE

  • Optimization should also be implemented for bus routes


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