Jolene Mosley for Howard County Board of Education

District 3




Meet Jolene

Parent, Advocate and Data Scientist

Jolene has been an active Howard County resident for nearly 25 years. Living primarily in the Columbia area, she has spent much of her time volunteering to support the community and school system.

Areas of Focus

Inclusion and Diversity

Special Education

School Start Times

Building Maintenance

Boundaries and Transportation

Jolene is an amazing advocate for our students and our community. She has supported the Hammond High renovation and has earned my support.

Carleen Pena

Advocate and "Bucket Lady"

“When I began teaching at Oakland Mills in the Fall of 2018, Jolene made a point to introduce herself and volunteered and offered her support throughout the entire year. She assisted with recruitment concerts, sent emails to check in, communicated with me about assisting student’s in need, and trusted me to do the best I could. 


Of these things, her constructive criticism resonated with me the most. Two days after my first Winter Concert with the bands we had a recruitment concert at Talbott Springs Elementary School. In a conversation about how the concert went, Jolene gave me some very honest feedback. I wasn’t ready to hear it, but it was crucial for my growth as a teacher and for the benefit of my student’s progress for the remainder of the year. As the year went on Jolene also generously acknowledged the improvements in my student’s playing, success in working together as a team, and my ability to lead my ensembles. It was in these moments that I knew that Jolene believed in me and wanted to see me be the best leader and teacher for my students. 


Jolene is an advocate for the arts and understands the many benefits of being in band and makes a point to assist with the Oakland Mills program overall whenever she can. She wants the best for her children and for the teachers that serve the students in her community. From the very beginning of my journey at Oakland Mills, it’s been evident that Jolene wanted to see me do my best and that paired with her endless support gave me the the boost I needed to persevere and push through my first year teaching full time. I can’t think of a better person to be considered for the Howard County Board of Ed.”

Ty Page, HCPSS Educator

“For as long as I have known Mrs. Jolene, she has been a hard worker who is committed to helping others. She volunteered an enormous amount of her time (and a large portion of her basement) for several years as the coach of our neighborhood-based robotics team.  Her helpful and selfless nature ensures that she would make a spectacular candidate for the Howard County Board of Education.

Riley, HCPSS Student

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